Senso UnicoA game, lightness and an unexpected end ...

Fate takes our two protagonists away from their daily routine to an "unknown island".
A new show starts, seemingly leading us down a narrow one-way street ... It starts from a place none of us has been to, but nonetheless we all carry it with us in our imagination.

The two characters are forced to discover a new world together. Their innocence, their simple curiosity and their boundless complicity turn this place into a fantastic, full of surprises, enormous ... treasure island.

A fantastical, theatrical journey without text.
Featuring the incomparable charme and refined humor of COMPAGNIA DUE
A show for everybody, down the one-way-street ........ and back again. 

Idea:Didi Sommer,  Florian Reichert, Andreas Manz e Bernard Stöckli
Performers: Andreas Manz e Bernard Stöckli
Directed by: Didi Sommer,


Senso Unico