A visual comedy show for all ages.

A story seasoned with a good dose of humor and a play full of meaning, but few words.

A visual theater with emotionality, authenticity and play at its core.

Situations seemingly dangerous, become challenges and play, because facing them we realize that the danger is rather hidden in our fear. The fear of the unknown, of the uncertain holds back the possibility of living certain moments.
A balloon and a needle, an imminent burst to scare everyone. Create a situation, for which the result seems obviously dramatic and inexorable. To increase the tension, the fear of everyone for an action with a hopeless end, without hope, and then surprise with unexpected solutions and reactions that turn into a sigh of relief, a laugh that shakes off the fear and makes the heart
lighter. An avalanche of dangers overwhelms Compagnia DUE, who unconditionally face them with the pleasure of discovering not the consequences of dangerous actions or situations, but how they use them.

By and with: Andreas Manz e Bernard Stöckli
Director: Didi Sommer (ZAP Ensamble)

Duration: 70 minutes (without break)