Imagine how smiles magically form on the faces of your guests as they enter…

The Compagnia DUE, transformed into a pair of butlers, welcomes your guests and the party
immediately becomes an unforgettable event. The two grotesque characters take care of
serving the party side dishes, with flavours that delight both the mood and the senses.
The two servants can read every wish in your guests’ eyes and elegantly fulfil them. The
ingredients of their art is magic with surprising effects, sparkling clowning and irresistible
Variety and emotions are guaranteed!
…and why not finish off with a show of hilarious numbers, which will round off your party
with a grand finale, giving your guests the always surprising feel-good mood!
The Compagnia DUE is at your disposal to advise you on the best formula, to make your
event an unforgettable event, surprising and making your guests dream at any time and place.