Compagnia Due offers different workshops in various disciplines:

Clown & Slapstick

Through learning and practising clown and slapstick techniques, through the creation of a theatrical character and by working with objects we prepare and develop the "indestructibility" of and "immediate access" to the clown.

Creating tragicomic situations through play and improvisation the participants have the opportunity to apply the techniques learned and to discover how the clown can use them - not only to theatrical effect. 

Communication & Body language

Allthough very different, verbal communication and body language work together.
We use simple games to explore our gestures, movements of head and body, posture, facial expression, spacial proximity and attitude, contact, alignment, tone of voice,...

Visual Comedy

We tell stories with a generous helping of humor. Telling telling stories - using few words. The focus is on physical theatre of emotions, authenticity and the joy of playing. A visual comedian has an innocent quality - the childlike naivety of his character stem from the difficulties of ordinary every day life.

Juggling & Balancing

This course is for all those who have always wanted to get one back on gravity. The following things are going to happen during this course:

  • Juggling: Alone, as a duo and in different group formations
  • Juggling with different objects
  • Juggling in combination with theatrical expression or expressive movement
  • Balancing exercises with different objects
  • Rhythmical juggling to music

Number of participants and duration of the courses can be adapted according to requirements.

Bernard Stöckli teaches Slapstick & Clown technique at the Scuola Dimitri.
Andreas Manz is a regular guest teacher for clown and movement theatre at the HfH (Hochschule für Heilpädagogik


Bernard Stöckli and Andreas Manz have been directing shows and productions for many years - as a duo and individually


  • Variete Varieta 2007/2010 Teatro Dimitri
  • Comixnix
  • Clown Linaz
  • Pinocchio
  • WerkhausVarieté Liestal 2007 -2013